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បញ្ជាទិញតាម NHAM២៤

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   Cheesy D's was formed during the dreaded covid-19 crisis of 2020. With the humble goal of keeping the southern highland cheesy dairy farmers (thoselovely Friesian cows), wheat grain farmers, bakers & our amazing local donut makers (and mini van venders) in business.

   Our first shop was about to open in the later part of 2020,  near beautiful Phnom Penh Riverside.  But just as we were about to open for business, our landlord put the rent up, at just the wrong time :(  - The company was foced to move to a newer location with a much bigger kitchen and seating area. So hopefully, its was a blessing in the end.

  .......but then, that got shut down too!!  Just as we started serving our first few customers.  Oh well, time to move again :) !!!!  


    Mr Dimsdale, our founder and company director has always had an inkling for donuts.  Even producing a video game back in the late 90s.  But it was on a business trip to Hong Kong, whiles wondering endless street full of food vendors, that he come across a whole new sensation, Bacon IceCream.  

  There and then, completely out of the blue, something clicked!!  A vision of a single hot Cheesy Donut appeared in his minds-eye and a world conquering franchise set on world domination ready to crush the likes of KFC, McDonald's, Taco Bell and Subway.  The Cheesy Donut Company was born! 

    The rest is history!